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  1. Xlt won't idle, pulling my hair out!

    Ok. So, I've been working on my brother's sled. It is a 1996 Polaris 600 XLT SP. At the end of last season it would not idle on its own. So here's what I've done and I'll follow up with what it is still doing. Sorry, it's going to be long. I pulled all three carbs. All three Pilot jets were...
  2. E-Z Throtle control for a 2005 Polaris XC 500

    Just getting my wife into sledding and bought her a 2005 XCSP 500 as it's a sled she can control easily. Problem is that her throttle hand is constantly throbbing and then ges numb. She has small hands and think it's the throttle control. Heard from a friend that they once installed an E-Z...
  3. Throttle cable adjustment on 89 el tigre ext

    Hey all. Just got my first sled to get my feet wet, or cold. Previous owner wasn't riding it because the engine would die everytime you gave it throttle. I cleaned carbs and such but read about a throttle safety switch and sure enough, there wasn't enough tension on the throttle cable to keep...