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  1. Clutching
    So i was out in the black hills last weekend riding and the first day went great, second day we got on the trails and go about a mile down it sounded like my track had lost tension. the primary clutch was still spinning but my secondary didn’t want to move. Engine would run just fine and rev up...
  2. General
    hi guys, i have a 98 yamaha srx 700 triple and this last winter i blew my front skid shock and didnt notice it till i got home from a trip and 106 miles later of the coil spring dragging on the track. Anyways it wore down the center of the track a decent amount to where i can see threads and...
  3. Parts and Accessories
    Hello I'm in search of a track I'm looking for a 137x16x1.75, but would settle for a 137x15x1.75 let me know what ya have thanks!
  4. Parts and Accessories
    As the subject reads I am looking to sell my Proline suspension and 121x15 asphalt track. I am interested in selling the pair for $900 + shipping and will negotiate if you have a 136x10 or 136x15 asphalt track. Please text/call 717-779-8398 (Steve) for pictures. Thanks!
  5. Polaris
    Will a 1983 Polaris star track fit my 1986 Polaris star their 250's
  6. Yamaha
    I need a track for my 1986 Yamaha bravo br250 short track it is 97x15 if u have one call/text me @ 5742224732:icon_smilie_flame2:
1-6 of 6 Results