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  1. General
    Been hunting a while now for a triple pipe exhaust system for a 1996 Polaris Ultra SKS. If anybody has a set please let me know. Thanks
  2. General
    Anyone have a complete set of triple pipes for sale that will fit a 1996 Polaris Ultra Wedge Body?
  3. Polaris
    Hey guys sorry if I’m doing this wrong but I’m new to the forum, but I know there is a lot of valuable knowledge here on older Polaris triple as well as lots of past experience. I’ve got a’97 Ultra 680 sp that I just bought and I’m looking to put SLP triple pipes on. It’s got strong compression...
  4. Engine, Drivetrain, Pipes, and Cans
    Hi, I have a set of one of the last remaining new sets of Dynoport pipes for the 1997 Polaris Ultra SPX. The silencer is the 3 pack silencer. Unfortunately, it is a bit too loud for my taste and probably the taste of others. I talked to Rich Daly from Dynoport and he is unable to find the jig...
  5. The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hi guys, so basically today I was trying to pull the clutch off my 680 motor with a triple jaw puller (which now I realize wasn't the smartest idea) I ended up taking out a chunk out of the faceplate of the clutch. Now I know these clutches are balanced from the factory and the have the...
1-5 of 5 Results