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  1. Vintage
    I recently bought a 1972 Polaris colt 22 with a 295. It has been sitting for who knows how long. I cleaned the points and have good spark on both plugs and I am using an external gas tank. I also cleaned the carbs. I cannot get the thing to fire up. All it does is shoot fire balls out the...
  2. Sleds
    I have a vintage 1979 Kawasaki invader 340 for sale! This sled is also liquid cooled. Starts in a couple pulls, very responsive to throttle, no backfires, no bogging. The lights all work on it as well as the hand and thumb warmers. The seat is in great condition with no tears either. It has a...
  3. Vintage
    a friend and I just picked up a pair of 1972 zephyr 440's that we wan to race in the vintage races here in New Hampshire. Has anyone raced these before? or have any tips or tricks on chuning these things up? thanks!
  4. Vintage
    I have used this sled for about three years and I've had to replace the head gaskets twise on each head and now it just blew another if anybody knows anything about these sleds please help! I think the heads might me warped but I don't know for sure I haven't taken it apart yet.
  5. Vintage
    Guys, I am trying to save this old sled from getting parted out our scrapped. I have owned this sled for two years and is perfect for riding the two little ones around the yard. Small nimble and not over powering for the yard. Pulled it out last night and started it up. Ran with a little bit...
  6. Vintage
    Been messing with a 74 TNT F/A 400 this summer, its a little over half finished. It now runs a 503 fanner from a Blizzard 5500... Here are some pics. Sled has numerous upgrades now, 100cc over stock, mikuni carbs, primer...
  7. Vintage
    Heres a pic of my cousin Andrea (left) & her friend Jennifer at the Blacksmith Lounge in Hugo, MN, they plan on riding from Hugo to Forest Lake & back. Andrea is holding up the vintage banner on her 79 Yamaha Enticer 340. Lets wish these ladies luck on their ride & hope her husband dont have to...
  8. General
    Took my friend Susie over to the field, sorry for the shaky camera...
1-8 of 8 Results