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  1. Clutching
    Help! A buddy and I picked up two 1999 xcr 440’s “non sp” the owner had the sleds set up as a 99 xcr sp’s WAY DIFFERENT! months of research changing carbs needles pilots etc. we are on the final step of the clutches. Mine did not have either primary or secondary... purchased primary and...
  2. Parts and Accessories
    Looking for any piece to the puzzle, bought a project sled for my son turns out I should have researched the sled prior, looking for exhaust housing, valve, covers or anything info needed to find the parts. Almost to the point of dropping a pro x motor in it.
  3. Engine
    96 XCR 440 chassis W/500 motor unknown year... Motor wont idle back down, If the motor is warm and i start it, it sits at 900 RPM but as soon as i touch the throttle it stays at 2800 RPM and wont come back down unless i kill and restart. May be unrelated but I filled up the other day and lost...
1-4 of 4 Results