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xlt 600 classic.

  1. '98 XLT Classic 600 - Value?

    Hi all, I have a '98 XLT and wondering what it might be worth. It has 10k miles, and decent shape considering its age (I bought it with about 8k miles and have treated it well), but the motor probably needs significant work. It ran great until this past season, now it won't run or start after...
  2. 99 xlt 600 classic won't start.

    This thing sat in a garage for 5 years collecting dust. Recoil was off aswell as the stator. Got good spark. new plugs. First I checked compression 118 pto 120 mid and 115 mag side. The crank is in phase as best as I can measure. So I rebuilt the ignition, pulled the carbs, cleaned them out. air...