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  1. Kill switch/throttle safety switch/key

    Make myself clear...for testing only!! how can I bypas these safety features to eliminate them on a 1993 xlt? which wires can I disconnect? will I have to complete a circuit? thanks,
  2. XLT Timing

    Hey folks, have an xlt 93 580, a year ago it started to run on 2 cylinders and started to analyze the sled. Cleaned carbs, changed carbs, changed coils, ext. didn't measure but two of us assumed that the crank was out of phase. so started to pull it apart, found that a lot of silicone was...
  3. 580 xlt vs 600 xlt

    Hi guys back again.I just picked up a 580 case /crank that came with clutch, mag, stator, coils. And pistons, though the mag side is burnt. Can I drop the 600 cylinders on this block? Was there a difrence in stroke or bore. Basicly they look the same. But I'm not going to put all my egges in the...
  4. 96 xlt A decent sled??

    Just want some input on the sled itself, I keep hearing that they're bad and then you hear they're good, can you pipe it and make it reliable ? Just want to know how far I can go with it or just Broom it , not a hard-core rider just like to ride , thanks in advance for any input!
  5. 1995 Polaris Xlt Special rebuild

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    I am new to the forum and have been searching for some help with rebuilding my recently purchased 1995 XLT special. The sled has not blown up yet however compression is below 100 on all of the cylinders. I have been trying to find information on it for a while and have been getting very...
  6. EBAY SCREWED to rebuild a xlt water pump?

    i sold a good working xlt water pump on ebay and i sold and shipped it to the guy. 20 days later he claims it doesnt work and leaks. he opened a case and they sided with him which is crap because i dont sell junk. ebay made him return it. when i got it back the pump was greasy and dirty with...
  7. 93 Polaris xlt sp 600 triple

    Hello all, Have a 93 xlt 600 Triple with the monoblock engine and need a head gasket. Before I go tracking one down, was there a non-monoblock engine for this model year? The gasket kits I've seen look different from kit to kit and just say they are designed for the 1993-1994 xlt sp. Could...
  8. Spark plug size.

    I have a 1997 xlt 600 limited. I think I have the wrong spark plug size. I am using br9es but I fouled different plug each time I ride. Only reason I am using that size is bc that's what was in it. Carbs are all the same I know it's not the carb setting. I found on ngk web site that br8es is...
  9. Polaris XLT burns gas I poor into the cylinders, then stalls

    Alright, this is the first time of the year that the sled is going to be started, so like every other year, to help start her I put gas in the cylinders (Remove plugs, drop in some gas then put plugs back in) and start. Usually it always works, but this year for whatever reason, it just burns...
  10. Accessing recoil starter

    Hello! New to the forum and need some advice. I've had my recoil starter rope break on my 93 XLT triple today. I want to remove the starter case cover but the bolts (Polaris part #3084134) dont seem to like a 12mm metric socket, which seems a little loose, or a 7/16 socket, which will not...