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  1. Suspension sticks only when mounted to sled?

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    I have a 1998 Polaris Indy 500 w xtra10 suspension. It acted like it needed rear springs or a shock. It sat almost bottomed out just sitting there so I had very little travel or clearance... So I pulled out the skid. When I got it out and it was by itself it, I can jump on it and it bounces...
  2. xtra 10 rear skid help

    hi i have a 92 indy 500 and i want to make suspension upgrades to it and i was wondering if an xtra-10 suspension would bolt right up to my sled. any help would be great! Thanks!
  3. Parting out '98 Polaris xcr700 w/xtra-10 (Illinois)

    Parts and Accessories
    I am parting out my entire1998 Polaris XCR 700 w/ xtra 10 I am located in Coal City Illinois 60416 Most suspension and frame components are in good shape. Skies and spindles are in bad shape and are not included in any sale. Engine: center cylinder is scored and has a bad piston due to a...
  4. parting out my '98 Polaris xcr700 w/xtra-10 (Illinois)

    Like the title states, im parting out my '98 xcr700. Most of the suspension and frame components are in good shape. Engine has one dead cylinder (center) from a broken ring. The other cylinders are in great shape. The carbs are torn down completely for a rebuild, and after i spotted the...