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  1. 98vmax600 help

    i wanna know how to set up my suspension so my 1998 xtc vmax 600 can do a wheelie and lift the skis
  2. 1986 Yamaha exciter good buy or not?

    I just bought myself a 1986 Yamaha exciter 570. I got it for $300 and was wondering if it was a good buy or the looks of it, it has not been ridden hard.It is running and riding fine with 6500 miles on it. The track and everything else looks pretty good. This sled is pretty clean for its...
  3. 98 yami srx track

    hi guys, i have a 98 yamaha srx 700 triple and this last winter i blew my front skid shock and didnt notice it till i got home from a trip and 106 miles later of the coil spring dragging on the track. Anyways it wore down the center of the track a decent amount to where i can see threads and...
  4. 88 enticer 340; Unsure whether to fix or sell

    Hi everyone! I am new to the site so this is my first post. I have an 88 (I Believe) yamaha enticer 340 long track and the crank seals let go in it the other day and it wont sustain enough vaccum to pull gas into the carb. unfortunate because the sled only has 2500 origonal miles and is fairly...
  5. Nytro Clutch kits

    Been looking at different clutch kits for my Nytro. Wondering if anyone has installed one and if they noticed a difference or if its just a waste of money.
  6. Help

    I have a 1997 Yamaha sx700 that is not getting spark in any of the three cylinders. Was running fine a week before I parked it, then I went to go start it Thursday night and now it won't at all. New plugs, bottom end has been rebuilt, clutches have been redone, carbs gone through, new track...
  7. 89 Phazer Clutch issue?

    I have a 89 Phazer with 12,600 mile on it. Yeah that's a bunch. Anyway I cleaned the carbs and put new oil and fuel lines on it. Runs real good… But it will only go about 50mph. Right out of the hole she'll do about 60 but then it just won't do more than 50. It takes off and runs good no...
  8. 91 phazer need a little help please

    The Performance Tuning Shop
    Hey everyone, new to the forum here and snowmobiles, I just picked up a 91 phazer the other day its an awsome machine gets up and goes great only downside is it has 10k miles on her, I have a few questions I would like to ask, now this thing gets up and moves super quick but I notice at around...
  9. Yamaha bravo track

    I need a track for my 1986 Yamaha bravo br250 short track it is 97x15 if u have one call/text me @ 5742224732:icon_smilie_flame2: