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02 ZR 500 CCE

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Just picked one up for my wife. I was wondering if there was anything I should go through besides the usual tuneup before the season started. I know about the problem with the APV Valves on the 01's, is this a problem on the 02's as well? Thanks for any help.
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sit on it and go vroom vroom.

just gas up and go.
Watch out for the clicker shock system. They can get to be a hassle. I replaced mine with regular shocks, best thing I ever did.
I don't know about the apv valves, but check your front springs to make sure they haeven't sacked out. Also grease the bearing by the spedometer cable quite well. Make sure your secondary clutch isn't stuck on the shaft.
Originally posted by ZR600cce
[br]Watch out for the clicker shock system. They can get to be a hassle. I replaced mine with regular shocks, best thing I ever did.
What happened? I like the idea of adjustable shocks.
Well, long story short, they have a lot of problems. I've had huge fights with the dealer over them, and they were a lot of hassle. Since I've replaced them I couldnt be happier. That's just me. Below are some topics that explain what I'm talking about when it comes to problems. There is other people's inputs on them also. Read UP!
What about electric start. Is this an option I can get for the sled?
it will start on the 2nd or third pull-every time. Cost/benefit ratio is lacking.
Huh? It is for my wife. I would prefer to not have to start the sled "most of the time for her" I.e. when it is cold.
He is saying the cost of the electric start is not worth the personal value. The sled will start every time atleast by the second or third pull so it wouldnt be worth buying an electric start.
thanks for clearing that up zr600cce! It'll run like 200ish for electric start and then prolly 100 for an hour of install.
I understand what you are saying by cost and benefit. My point is I don't want my wife to have to sit there and try and turn it over. Also with the possibility of her not being able to start it without me being there, I would like to feel safe knowing that she can. So the cost of not having my wife stuck in the woods outweighs any cost of purchase.

The sled starts on the first pull for me. If the sled is warm she can usually start them. However if the sled isn't warmed up then there might be a problem.
A coupple things you may want to check are 1. pull the speedo cover off and check the sppedo bearing, If it has the seal still on the inside of it yank it out, and it will last alot longer (this goes for all cats.). I have no idea why Cat use a sealed bearing with having a grease fitting on the speedo cover, dosent make much sense. 2. the other thing I see as a common problem is in the rear suspension. The lower shaft that the front shock mounts to tends to bend, which isnt a big deal but the holes in the rails tend to egg out easily. Also like ZR600cce said, the shocks with the remote adjuster tend to be a pain. We mostly took the resivoirs off and plugged the holes for them turning the shocks in to std ones, and they wouldnt loose thier pressure like the adjustable ones.
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