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02' ZR800 problems

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I recently purchased a 2002 AC ZR800 Cross Country EFI and it hasnt been running up to par. I hesitates at various speeds and as if it is only getting gas to the engine some of the time. I am assuming with EFI that you cant do a lot of tuning but only replace the EFI module.

Anyone have any ideas? It is at the dealer right now but they dont seem to know what the problem is.
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nope sorry- but i like your name cross country. xc racer= cross country racer

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Hey man, what have you checked out so far?

Here's my list of what it could be.

1) spark plug
2) spark plug wires
3) bad gas
4) bad EFI computer (doubt it)

Give us some more details

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2002? Don't mess with it and screw up your warranty, take it back to the dealer.

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Your best bet would be to do as Shanet963 said and take it to your dealer that way you can't be blamed for screwing around with it.

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exactly, 2002 model=still under warranty=dealers headache, not yours
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