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Hey y’all,
New here. Haven’t owned a sled in years just got my hands on a 2007 Polaris dragon 700. Got it for free from a buddy but it needs some work. His words were “it starts but won’t take throttle, it’s leaking fuel.”
So I got it home. it hasn’t been fired in 18 months ish. Did some routine shit like cleaned the plugs, checked for spark in both cylinders, fresh fuel, etc. haven’t checked compression yet but I will get to it. When I attempt to pull start it I can hear what sounds like fluid leaking. Gave it a couple pulls to try and pinpoint the location of the sound and then I have a puddle of fuel underneath the sled. I have the air box out and it seems like it’s coming from underneath the intake manifold.
Looked at the fuel lines coming from the tank. I’ve got one coming out>filter>underneath the manifold. A second comes out (or maybe return) from the riders side left on the fuel rail on top of the manifold. Does it feed from the tank through the filter>under manifold>Up to rail on riders right>back to tank from riders left of fuel rail? I’ve read these might have two sets of injectors? One set underneath manifold? I can’t visualize a fuel leak but I think it’s coming from under the mani or that second set of injectors. Can someone shed some light on this. Also fuel line flow diagram or description?
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