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1969 Ariens

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Anyone have info on an 1969 "ARIENS" 290. (Sled....... not a snowblower or roto-tiller) Got the thing running but would like to get the particulars about it. Thanks any help would much be appreciated. Anyone see one? Will post a pic when scanner is up and running again.

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yeah, ive heard of one and have a book service manual with this sled in it, its a intertec, snowmobile service manual, 11th edition, it has most of the basic stuff on this sled, congrats on your unusual vintage sled!

if its not a CAT, then it must be a dog!
I have the same manual. It lists a '69 as a model 300. The engine model is a Sachs SA290, 297cc with a Tillotson HR18A Carburetor.

Sprocket Ratio: 14:33
Chain Size: 35-2

Clutch Make: Precico
Shaft Center: 10.5
Belt #72054

This book recommends running the Sach engine at 24:1 oil mix.

Hope this helps :)

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This brought back memories! My first sled was a 1972 Ariens 440. Couldn't keep a drive belt in it, but it was my first, and I remember a lot of fun! I think it was a SkiRoule (spelling?) brand with an Ariens name plate. Good Luck!
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