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Guys, I am trying to save this old sled from getting parted out our scrapped. I have owned this sled for two years and is perfect for riding the two little ones around the yard. Small nimble and not over powering for the yard.

Pulled it out last night and started it up. Ran with a little bit of a high idle with the choke open, the bogged down and stalled. Started again and ran then closed the choke same thing happened.

I replaced all the hoses from the tank to the carbs, the fuel filter and removed and cleaned the fuel pump up a bit. I installed clear fuel lines so I can see if when it is getting fuel. Initially the fuel pump will work and I can see it sucking the gas through the fuel pump. Once the motor is warm/up to temp, the fuel stops flowing and the sled with use the rest of the fuel in the lines and stall out.

I understand that the crank seal may be bad and pulling in air causing the fuel pump not to work. The fuel pump is mounted directly to the motor and the gasket looked fine.

Any ideas of how to perform a vacuum test or identify if the crank seal is bad. Obviously this is an older sled and I am not trying to put big $$ into it. for something else to go wrong tomorrow.

Please let me know if someone can walk me through the steps of trouble shooting this issue. Not sure if I am on the right track with the fuel pump testing, vacuum testing or crank seal testing.

Thanks for any input.

If I can not get her going this sled is for sale in Chardon Ohio.
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