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I just acquired the above mentioned sled with the passing of my father. It has approximately 200 actual miles on it, but has been sitting in our garage up north for at least 15 years. I can only remember it running a couple of times since we first acquired it.
It has spark and I have replaced and gapped with new spark plugs. It turns over but I have not pushed its start as the gas has surely gone bad, it definitely smells like varnish. So I've turned my sights on the fuel system. The tank has been cleaned out and is empty. I've cleaned both carburetors (almost done), going to clean out and replace all the gaskets in the fuel pump, and installed new gas lines. So on to my question...

I've purchased the "Vintage Snowmobiles" book that covers the Kawasaki's. I've tried searching for any and all information on the specifics for the model/type of carburetor and fuel pump. I can see pics all over online but no specifics that supply me with with any identifying numbers or type. I do know the parts on the sled are the original, and are Mikuni (both the carbs and fuel pump). I'm looking for new jets (just because I'm already in the carbs) and new gaskets for the fuel pump. Is there a place to go for vintage sled parts? Secondly, if I cannot get the parts, could I replace the unit with a more current stock....more specifially the fuel pump?

I'm a newbie at this so I'm turning toward the true mechanics! I'm truly grateful for your time, advice, and wisdom.
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