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Good morning,

Is there a way to troubleshoot or bypass the key switch on my sled? My battery was junk but a week ago I wanted to make sure it would fire up so I just hooked it up to the tractor with jumper cables. At that time I had some trouble getting the dash lights to come on and just figured it was a loose jumper connection. They eventually did come on but I did notice that the spring loaded feature in the key was somewhat unresponsive. That however came around and I was able to fire the sled.
Picked up and charged a new battery, took it off the charger a few days ago. I installed it last night and can not get power. Nothing lights up. The key however does not want to spring back on its own.
I eventually got frustrated and took the battery back out and put it on the charger last night and unplugged it this morning.
I am wondering though if the switch could be the problem?



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