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1992 Polaris RXL 650 with EFI, ecu troubles...

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Hey people,

This is my first time here and I must say "WoW! You people certainly seem educated when it comes to this stuff!

I own a 1992 Polaris RXL 650 with EFI. I have never had any trouble with the ECU blinking codes at me, ever!! Until tonight that is. I swear to god this thing was puring like a kitten without any problems with the ECU at all, then over night the ECU started to flash a code at me and the machine is smoking like George Burns (burning a huge amount of oil). The code is 1 long, followed by one short blink.

The problem is I have a HUGE trip tomorrow (which has been planned for over a year and consists of 15 sleds) and no way of getting this machine to the dealership to have the blink code diagnosed and "translated into english".

On a 1992 Polaris RXL 650 with EFI, what does the ECU blink code 1 long - 1 short translate into?

If I know what the problem is perhaps I can have this sled ready to make the planned trip tomorrow.

Thanks all in advance! [:D]

P.S. In the past 2 months I have had the worst luck imaginable. I have managed to cook my '94 T-Bird (1 of the 2 vehicles that I own, now the wife is bent out of shape. It was her car...), blow both cyclinders out of my garden tractor (while blowing the neighbour's snow) and now somehow I have managed to screw up my sled.

Please...For the love of God...Don't let me be deprived of the only thing I truely love in life (other than my cranky wife). Don't let me sit around with a broken sled (while my neighbour gets to gloat that his Arctic Cat is running "oh-so-well"). Please help a shmuck out......I'm on my knees!
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Yeah...Like 585lbs! LoL...I've sat in lighter cars. This prooves to be especially nasty when you get the old pig stuck!!

Anyway...You got some real useful material there motoboy and for that I thank you!

My sled's computer starts blinking code as soon as the fuel pump kicks in and continues to blink this code (TPS) while running the sled. By using a multi meter and Sleddaver's specs from a few posts up I bench tested my TPS and concluded my TPS is functioning fine. Also, I took the machine out lastnight. I was cautious at first (didn't venture too far from the house) but ended up jumping the sled a dozen times - real hard. The landings were so hard I tore my battery box clean off with the impact but the sled never died. It was still quite boggish off the hop (nothing like it was a week ago, it was really snappy then). Right now I am at a loss for words.

I am using a blue spring in the clutch, the clutch was rebuilt only 800 miles ago, new plugs, all my wiring connections seem to be OK, I burn only high octane fuel, run Isopropyl in every tank and only use Polaris Blue 2 cycle oil.

Not sure what else I can tell you. My engine bog seems to be a constant issue but the engine stall seems more of "comes and goes" problem.

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Look at your belt my rxl seems to chew the belts up a fresh belt makes a huge difference
i also put an epi clutch kit in it gives it better low end haven't been able to touch top end this year do to the clutch cracking but maybie this weekend
I know what you all are going though I bought a 93 rxl in november for $650 from the junk yard i work at it was in a light fire and it has been siting since 95 so i replaced the winshield and fuel cap and proceeded to get ready for snow. I put a new pick up screen in the tank two new fuel filters new plugs all new fuel hose new fuel pump new battery and ive only road it 50 miles because when i hit the throtttle hard it will bogg out on me i got coils comming for it and i hope that takes care of it. as far as your sleds go i feel your pain the joys of owning a rxl.
What 2 wires, black, white, red do you use to check the tps
Grave digger! Man this thread is from Feb. 2004!
1991 Polaris RXL 650 EFI After repairs to the wiring harness was completed, & battery on charger for couple days. Turned on key, fuel pump charged and stopped(as suppose to). The second pull, the sled started. Noticed that the battery was down on charge which tell me the 5 year old battery isn’t good. Started the sled 3~4 times after, no issue. Took it for a run, started acting up…sound like fuel issue…Battery Shot. T/S shut down/fuel pump issue. Bought new battery. Filled/charged battery as per instructions. Hook up the battery, all good. Turned on the ignition, fuel pump started pumping, wouldn’t stop, kept pumping fuel into the sled. Turned off the key, the fuel pump would not stop pumping fuel even with the ignition turned off, remove a terminal from the battery, or disconnect relay. Put the terminal back on the battery or plug in relay, all good again. Turn on the key, same thing over & over. ECU indicates solid red light
Probably burned up the ECU. Low battery voltage is dangerous on those sleds. Puts spikes into the system and screws stuff up.
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