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1993 750 storm

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Hello, I going to look at a 93 storm 750 anyone know if it's a reliable sled, and how they handle.
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I am not sure on reliability, but my buddy has one and he hates the handling because it is too heavy. It's alot to handle if you're a light weight. However, it is definitely a fast lake racer if you can get traction. If it's speed your looking for, then it's worth a shot.
Should be fairly reliable, triples usually are. They are good for top end to, but if you are looking for lots of bottom end, this is not your machine.

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I have this same sled.....I have to agree with the heavy comment! That thing sucks to get stuck! It is a fast sled, but seems to be really picky on the jetting. Rear suspension sucks real bad, big bumps hurt! Front suspension is okay. Handling is good in my opinion but only if the trail is smooth. I would look for a smaller sled that is a little newer to get the better rear suspension and not as much weight. Just my $.02

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Thanks for the input, I looking for more of a trail sled- and this aint it.
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