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I am selling my 1993 Arctic Cat jag 440 single carb, fan cooled sled. It has 2300 original miles on it and I have never once had a problem with the engine. The track is original and still in VERY good shape. The hood as a few scratches and the seat seperated at the seem in the back. There is a 2in. crack in the hood. and there the handlebars are bent up straight up and down so its almost like handlebar risers. Its not a real big deal.

What I just put into it:

- New Hyfax (150 miles)
- New Purple Clutch Spring (150 miles)
- New fuel line (Not the cheap stuff thats going to break right away)
- New speedometer pin in the jack shaft
- New jack shaft bearings

What it needs:

- Wearbars/carbides
- Voltage regulator (lights don't work)
- Spare Belt (wouldn't Hurt to have)

Overall this sled is in really decent shape and always starts up on 3rd or 4th pull with no problems. It is very quick for this little 440. Would be great for trail riding, ice fishing, or the kids. Its been a great sled to me, i'm just looking to upgrade. I would like $650 for it But if you dont like that then shoot me an offer. Send me a PM

Pics are avalible when you PM me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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