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Reaching out in hopes of being able to make my dad's first sled run again.

The sled hasn't run in about 3-4 years, we are assuming that it was due to the wiring being old. The sled has been sitting in the barn taking up space. Unfortunately, mice have made it under the hood and made it their home at some point over the past years. Today was the first time in a long time we even batted an eye at it. I am 20 and the sled is older than I am but I rode this sled all the time as a kid, this sled means almost as much to me as it does to him and I know that he secretly wants his old sled back up and running.

The body is in immaculate shape, I have read a couple of other forum posts on here seeing a 92' Indy 500 EFI to carb conversion work out and I figured this should be just as possible with this sled. I know that carbs don't need the cooling that EFI does and according to the 92' conversion, the fitting on the cylinder head would just be plugged if I am not wrong. I have read that people are drilling into the crankcase but wouldn't it be less of a hassle to just get a carb crankcase or would that not be as possible? This is my first time trying to get into a rebuild project with my dad so forgive me if I don't quite have something right. I have also read that the EFI pipes are bigger and so I've seen most swaps have left the original EFI exhaust pipe in. Some people put 38mm carbs on it, one guy said it was easier to fix the EFI than convert it to carbs unless using 46mm, while another person had said to use 40mm-44mm even though it would use more gas it seems like it would technically fit better if we do convert to carbs if I'm not wrong. Also, I wouldn't mind a little extra power to be restored to that sled.

If it doesn't work out with converting to carbs I had a backup plan to get a motor and a new wire harness. We would rip the EFI box and all of the wires out of the sled as well as the motor and then drop in a motor with carbs and the wire harness that went with that motor. What years would best fit inside of this sled if we went that route? I assume somewhere between 93' - 96'?

Here are two links to the forum posts that I have read and researched based on what was said.

Indy 500 converting EFI to carbs

92 Indy EFI to carb conversion, need some pointers

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks so much!
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