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I am just a motorcycle racer and need a little help.

I am looking at buying a snowmobile from this guy and know nothing about this model or anything.

It can be seen in pictures at

he wants $600

Is a good deal?
is the sled 2 stroke ...4 stroke
air..or fan cooled...liqiud?
are they reliabe?
good and bads if you know any about these old arctic cats

Is it good for back country powder?
can you fit three people on a snowmobile?

Thanks for any help you may have to offer me[:D]

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The 440 Panther is a 2-stroke, fan cooled sled. When it is equipped with a long track, it will be marginal with two people on it. Three people will be pretty impossible and very unsafe. They were marketed for the rental fleets when they came out.

If you want a powder sled, I would pass on this one; a 440 fan doesn't have a whole lot of power stock, and there are really no major add-ons to make more power. Spend a little more money and get an EXT or Powder Special in at least 580 or 600 (liquids) engine size to not be stuck all the time...

The 440 fan is a very light-weight sled. It would be a blast to play on if you are on the trails or a meadow somewhere; very easy to toss around.
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