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1995 polaris RXL 650, should I buy it??? help me

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Im looking at a 95 RXL 650 for about 1800 bucks, it has 4000 miles. It looks awsome and starts right up. But i've been hearing all these stories about the triple, and the EFI (electronic fuel injection) This will be my first sled so I want to start on a good key. Is this sled fast, or is it just pointless to buy into a triple??? Thanx guys appriciate the feedback =)
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ive got a friend that has a rxl 650, but i believe it is a 92 or 93, he hasnt had any truobles except for the occasional dead battery, but i tell you that s.o.b is fast!!!! there isnt many triples that have ever scared me, but that one did, other than that, i havent heard of any truobls, ive got a 93 xlt 580, triple, so im hoping that i made a good choice, so far with the input ive gotten here, i think ive made a good choice.
I just paid 1800 for my 95 XLT special, which is not EFI, but has 4800 miles, so I would say the price is right.

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My neighbor has two of those same sleds. They are very good running machines, although kinda heavy. The battery is a pain but the EFI is nice. He can keep up with my Storm until we start getting to high speeds, then I start to walk away from him.

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