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1996 skidoo formula z 583 for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pm me and ill tell ya everything about it and send ya some pics .... a little info is it has a strong motor .. 4600 miles .. some new parts, extra slide ... has the electronic fuel and temp gauge .. [email protected] ... e-mail me or pm me i forgot to add in ... obviously anyone will have to look at the sled but im trying to get rid of it cause i need the money... they usually for for 1200 to 1500 on ebay from what i've seen but i will see it for $950 right now!
......... hope the pics help!


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hope those help ...i have a bunch more if ya want i can post em but there the general idea of what it looks like
id buy that today if i lived closer for less then 1000$ for that sled you cant go wrong
thats y i cant figure out why nobody wants it ... i just need to get some tires for my truck and buy some x-mas gifts ... ill let it go for $950 but it doesnt seem to be going?!
know anybody making a trip to Michigan who might have some trailer space?
not sure ... we are gonna try to come up there in december for a ride ... why?
well, I was just thinkin' if somebody could bring it over here I might buy it. but I found a cheap phazer over here.
oh .. well ok
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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