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Sled has just over 3000 miles. I am the second owner on this machine. The first owner was a ex-Yamaha employee so I knew it was always mainted perfectly. I contiuned that maintence by cleaning the carbs every year and checking everything over and over.

Sled has a brand new 1" Camoplast Hacksaw track. All new bushings in the skid which I did at the beginning of this season. SRX plastic skis with newer carbides. 2" Powermadd handle bar riser. Maxximum Performance thin head gastet, Maxximum Performance clutch kit. Blue Yamaha snow flap, polished tunnel which looks very sharp. Black low profile windy. Always used Yama-lube oil. I removed the purple decals to make it stand out more. Blue running board trim. Comes with a Yamaha cover as well. Sled has always been trailed in a enclosed trailer.

Only things wrong with sled are theres a tear in the seat which is about 2-3 inches long, and a 3-4 inch cut in the panel but you cant see if unless you look under the sled to see it.

If you have any other question feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Asking 1200 OBO


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