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1996 XCR 600 specs please help

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Somebody is trying to tell me the sled weighs like 490lbs. I tried to tell him its closer to 600. He doesn't believe me. I own the sled and can barely lift it 6" then my back hurts so bad I have to drop it. My Viper is about 490 I can lift that a good 1 1/2 feet.
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estimated dry weight on a 96 xcr 600 is 472, heres a link that may com in handy:
after checking on polaris-mans site, i have noticed there isnt a dry weight spec given, but if you goto, it lists dry weight and they list 540 lbs for the dry weight of your sled, and i didnt realize it came stock with triple pipes. otherwize p-mans site give good info, i always check there first!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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