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1996 XLT 600

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I have a 96 XLT 600 with a sensitive headlight. I have traced the cable back and forth and still have not found the loose connection. I also un-pluged the bulb and put it back, but still nothing. Anybody run in to this before or have any suggestions.
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Sometimes a tight bend in the wires going up to the light is developed. As the hood gets opened and closed for years the back and forth bending can break wires inside the plastic. If you have a mult-meter, put it on Ohms and test the wire leading to the Head light and dont forget to test the Ground . Put one lead in the plug and the other at the bulb and see if you have continuity . Try this in several hood positions.
Thanks hotrod I will check it out in the AM. Hey this board is great. Been reading around and you people know your stuff. Any clue an what plugs I should run in this baby? It has 2100 miles and never had a real problem with it. This year makes the third season I have owned it. I picked it up with 600 miles and barley broke in. No riding yet this year
Every Polaris I've owned used BR9ES plugs. But I'm not positive on your sled. Someone will tell you though. I have noticed alot of people have XLT's on this site.
my tx-l and indy 600 run br8es thats what the dealer recomended for both of the sleds

My wife said its me or my sleds... Im sure gonna miss her
in my 93 xlt sp, i run br9es, they are decent plugs, but sometimes can foul way too easy, i have also run br8's, and have had good luck with them. or you can always go to a champ plug, thats what most of the polaris sleds come with off the assembly line. if your unsure, look on your underhood decal, they cross-reference your plug from what polaris recommends.

And on your headlight troubles, an ohm meter will work good, but i had a 92 trail that the headlight wouldnt always work, seem like everytime i hit a bump it would go out, you may want to test the prongs that stick out of the headlight to wnsure you have contiuity there as well.

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Thanks all. I have taken all of your sugestions and will find out this weekend how things go. Threee days in the North West mountains of Maine. Let is snow
Enjoy the riding nashdog, I hear its pretty good up around the Eustis area. I'll be making a trip up to Presque Isle during the last week of this month myself.

1997 XLT SP 600
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Did you find the problem nashdog and fix it? How was the ride?
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