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1997 Polaris Ultra

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I would like some information regarding mileage/price. . . I learned that the "average" mileage in Michigan is 1202 per season. I am in the market for a newer sled. I have found a 1997 Ultra SP. It's got 5300 miles on it. It was always transported on a covered trailer (no salt). This sled is absolutely immaculate! What would be a fair offer ($$) for this sled? Any ideas!
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Well the NADA appraisal guide states:

Total Low Retail: $2,270
Total Average Retail: $2,990
Total High Retail: $3,230
For a 97 Ultra with reverse and electric start.

You can check their site out yourself at:

Just click on the motorcycles tab, then follow the steps, you can add or take away different features to fine tune the price. Good luck.
Hey thanks for the reply! I already did some price checking on the internet. . . got the same info you sent me. Anyway, I bought the sled and gave $2,700 for it. I used to work for the fellow I bought it from and he takes very good care of all his toys.
BTW, if you have any extra SNOW send it to northern lower Michigan between Christmas and New Years.

Thanks Again & Happy Holidays!!!
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