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**Spring Special**

Approx. 2500 miles
Rebuilt Fox Shocks up front, PS Fox in back is in good shape.
New Hyfax, New Chaincase oil, Flushed the coolant, carbs cleaned.
New edge gas tank and red/black edge seat.
New polaris mid-height smoked windshield.
New Camoplast energy 1.25" track.
Registered through 2011, trail pass through this year.

One minor cosmetic issue. Someone stole the original windshield the tach and the dash console off it while it was outside one day. They cracked the hood on the left side a bit where the windshield goes through when they ripped that stuff off (fixed, not the prettiest job on the inside but isnt noticable on the ouside unless you're looking for it). I replaced the console, and used a black and white edge tach cause that what i had laying around. Come over and see it, take a test ride. This is a great reliable sled, lots of life left in it.

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