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I purchased this 1999 Mach Z 809cc towards the end of 2009, where I only driven the sled for roughly 100 miles. This sled is CLEAN and I am in the works of building a pro stock asphalt sled, and this one is too nice to tear apart and hog out the cylinders, so I have no choice but to sell it. The whole top end was rebuilt at the end of the winter. There are new SPI pistons with Wiseco circlips (because I heard that the SPI circlips become weak over time). These are sitting in a set of L.A. sleeves and had these professionally installed, chamfered ports, the whole nine yards. It has been garage kept.

A suspension bolt was missing when I was riding this winter, and found this out the hard way when the track cut into the right cooling fin mounted in the tunnel. Hence this led to the rebuild of the motor, and had a skilled welder TIG an aluminum plate in the damaged part of the cooling fin. I don't sell junk and this sled was rebuilt with the intentions of the next person buying a well cared for sled, which is also why I decided to return the sled to stock bore instead of going to the next size piston.

I'm asking $2500. This thing is fast and is turn-key! 140 pounds out of each cylinder, GREAT compression! 3105 miles on the block. Clean title. Pictures of the sled were taken today when we were moving it from the trailer to the garage. Will post more pics upon request.

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