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Rockabema Snow Rangers
Patten,Northern Maine
Grooming 120 miles of trail thru 10
townships and two counties in the Katahdin region

The trails in the rockabema system are holding up pretty well for the conditions we've been experiencing this past week. High traffic due to the vacation week and warm temps have required extra grooming shifts to keep the trails in good shape.
Nothing major to report except that some of the higher use trails sush as ITS 85 from the 83/85 junction and 81 fron Sherman Station north to the railbed are starting to show a few short bare spots. Nothing major as of yet.
Watch out for overwidth grooming equipment on the trails ANYTIME-ANYWHERE. In order to have a good trail system, we have to be out there working on it so watch for these groomers at all times.
Also... There have been some sightings of turkeys with four legs in the Benedicta Snogang area. They should be considered armed and dangerous.

Steve Crouse T/M
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