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20 mph TOPS!

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my xcr 600 tripple has been boogin and now it wont go over 15-20, i changed all plugs and it just boogs? the air box fills up with gas. it starts fine (with out tuching the choke??) and idles fine will flood if choke is used. it runs great! on jack but when let down it boogs. could this be the rings??????
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check your clutches make sure none of your spings are broken.

have you compression tested it? that will give away if it is rings. But if it is rings it shouldn't run good on a stand. 15-20 there is something real wrong there. Have you pulled your carbs apart? Maybe a slide got diconnected and is not pulling. That happened to my 96 XCR 600 SP a couple times in one weekend. Would bog like mad and I had to pull the carb tops off and make sure the slides were still connected. Specially since mine had cut springs to reduce throttle pull.
It sounds like your compression is fine, this is kinda jumpin the gun, but my buddy had a 95 600 xcr, and it was doing the same thing just before his crankshaft went, so my guess is the bearings on your crank shaft are going. Another idea is your carb slided. I had that problem with my XCR

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maby you have a little peice of dirt or something in your choke. so your choke doesn't close all they way. I had that happen on my bike. just a guess

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if the airbox fills with gas it's a carb problem. Take them off and apart. Check the float level and needle. Clean everything extremely well and clear the jets with air nozzle. Sounds like the floats aren't set right or float needle is bad.

On the stand can you manually rotate the track. When you spin the track does it slowly stop or suddenly. Maybe a tight track, bad drive bearings, tight chain.....

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I would check the carbs, if it starts without choking it sounds like you've got an enricher stuck open alittle, or maybe a needle&seat not working properly. My 98 xc 700 had exactly the same problem as you are describing and it turned out to be sticky enricher cables. Check to make sure the enricher switch is moving freely and isnt hard to open. If the sled seems to run fine till it gets warmed up good , chances are this is your problem. Also check to make sure that one of the crank case drain plugs hasnt come out , they're located under the Y pipe . Good luck
one of the slides in the carb was not attached. i found why its been running like shit to, the rubber pieces frome the carbs to the motor was cracked and one had a hole in it. i should get the parts soon
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