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I was wondering who has experience with re-jetting the 2001 Phazers?
I picked this thing up used for my kid and was thinking about jetting down 1 size on both cylinders.
It's all stock.
We generally ride at around 800-1000 ft.
And I know the temp. figures into this as well, but just looking for overall advice.
I used to run the 700 in a Vmax and a 700 Viper and we always would jet them down so they weren't so "piggy". It would work great! We never had problems.
I haven't had a fan cooled machine before and would rather error on the side of caution if I should?!
I've got both carbs off and it has stock jets in it now: 142.5 on the fan side, and 143.8 on the clutch side.

Thank you in advace for any advice!![;)]
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