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I have a 2001 Polaris 600 Edge XC SP and right after I bought the sled about a year and a half ago I put on a 136" track so I lengthened it out from what stock is and what it had. I never got to ride it around stock so I don't know how the RPMS were when it had the stock track on it or at least original length. But thiks past winter I noticed it running really high rpms constantly and has been running really hot, which i assume is due to extremely high RPMs for extended time. So I am hoping somone can give me some advice to help get the rpms down and back to a better range and also what I can do to the sled to give it more snap out of the hole, like possibly snappy enough to lift the front end up, I understand more snap might take away from top end but I'm more into the deep snow and off trail riding, so if anyone has any advice to help with this it would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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