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Hey guys,

I have a 2002 600 Edge X that has been giving me trouble, and I cant seem to figure it out.

Last time out, the sled would start/idle fine. After letting it idle, if you floor it it will only rev to around 7000-7700 Rpm. The engine sounds as if its running on 1.5 cyls. The problem seems to get progressivly worse as you continue pushing it, until I was doing 30 mph with the throttle all the way open.

If I stopped and let it sit and idle for a minute, and got right back in it... it seemed to be better for a short while (still not 100%). But no matter what Rpm, the engine sounds "sick", or not "clean"

Things I have checked:

Many sets of new plugs
Pulled Carbs, blew out jets, checked floats, etc. (2-3 times)
Checked Reeds (No chips, etc..)
Removed Exhaust valves and cleaned them (twice)
Removed aftermarket can and put stock can back on (thinking loose baffles... etc.)
Performed factory timing prodedure as per manual (spot on)
Done ohm checks on litterally EVERYTHING I could think of(Coil,Stator,temp sensor)
Changed Temp Sensor anyway
Checked TPS setting, and set it to spec (4 Volts if I remember right)
Removed Coil,wires,caps,plugs from 03 800 and placed them on my machine (No change, same part number)
Tried CDI from same 800 and engine ran worse
Engine temp runs around 160-170
Syphoned all gas out of the tank and put fresh premium in it with a bottle of Iso Heat (thinking water problems)
Removed fuel pump and diassembled it (no pin holes... etc..)
Did a compression check, 118# and 122# (supposed to be 120#)

I have been checking my plugs over the time I have been troubleshooting the problem, and the plugs are both exactly identical, nice light tan/brown color.

Is it possible that I have either a Stator or CDI problem? Is it possible for the stator to ohm-out fine and still be bad? Whatever the problem is, it seems to be related to the motor as a whole and not just one cyl.

I also ran the sled with the TPS unplugged, and it ran no worse than it did with it plugged in. I tried running the 03 800 with its unplugged and it ran horrible. Could this mean the TPS is bad or the harness? Would a bad TPS/harness/plug cause what I am seeing?

The motor sounds/runs very similar to when you have a fouled plug/or bad plug wire/connection. It sure seems like you can hear it missing faintly...

Anyway, thanks for the help.
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