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2002 pro X fan

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Does anyone know how much Hp the 2002 pro X FAN makes?I can't seem to find any Hp ratings for anything but arctic cat.I ordered the pro X fan in april and should have it in a few more weeks.
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I've heard that it put's out around 65 HP. It has a new pipe that gives it a ton of bottom end touque and still better power on top. The cylinder porting has also been changed to give it the better peak power. Along with a new ingition system that works better than the old one. It should be the one out front if all the hype I've heard is true. It should be the best fan motor Polaris has ever put in a race sled.

I have very special ways of figuring these things out which I cannot state here. Do you know where I live? Maybe that will give you a hint...

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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