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2003 MXZ REV

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I am told there has been a select few of the MXZ Rev available to show and go , has anyone seen or run one of these yet. I have been invited to see the 800 on Feb 26th. Will advise once completed . Is anyone else aware of this ?
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nope hope to hear something bought it from you though
actually I did haha. My dad told me about it today. Smith Marine in Old Forge New York had one. They ran it. Didn't say what they thought of it. My dad din't tell me anyway. But they ran it with the RX-1 that Big Moose had. They say after a hard day of mogul mashing the RX-1 had a bent tunnel!
Just got back from St. Johnsbury Vt. and there was a brand new REV 800 on a trailer at our motel. Had 0 miles on it. We checked it out and I think it looks like the bumble bee transformer. The aluminum bracket on the rear wheel looks like someone took some piece of scrap aluminum and bolted it on there to limp it home.
ya i saw the new 2003 ski-doos today. I was at the wsa snocross at canterbury park in minnesota. Blair morgan won the pro-open on a new 2003 REV. They also had one for show. They had all the 2003 manufacturers sleds their, like polaris, arctic cat, yamaha, but ski-doo only had one sled. that makes me want to think they are planing something. I also saw a RX-1, they had it running it is so quiet.
what makes you think that? That they showed the sleds so ppl would buy them?? anything new from polaris there??
Saw a MXZ REV 800 on Sat in a field across from Hamlins in Waterville ME. A bunch of guys were standing around it and taking pics of it. I stopped to take a look too, but didn't have my camera w/me.

Let me tell you, it looks a HUNDRED times better in person! The way that thing is set is going to absolutly rock on the trails and bumps!

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I agree. In person they look a TON better. I still don't like that dumb short tunnel. That bugs me.

I may be young, but I ain't dumb!!!
ya I also saw some new polaris's they had a 2003 RMK 800 and 700, and the 2003 SKS 700 which is in the edge chassis, and they had the xc 340 which was also in teh edge chassis. I was suprised that they didn't have any xc sps.
I think that polaris should bring back the 440 liquid that was called an indy 440. they were great beginner sleds with enough power not to get rid of it as soon as you got a little more experience.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
all manufacturers should make powerful 440 liquids again. Like production race sleds.
Only more reliable. Not a very good beginner sled if it breaks down all the time. Or just get a used race sled like many people do.

It's not how fast you go, but how much fun you are having.
that is what I meant and cheaper I don';t want to pay 8k for a 440.
Yeah I wouldn't want to pay 8k for a 440 either.

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They were the lowest priced liquid cooled sleds available. Anybody know why they quit making them?

It's not how fast you go, but how much fun you are having.

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I wouldnt want to buy a used pro X to ride cause it would take to long to get ready for the trail. First you might want a new tank and probabally oil injection. My race sled is fast and i would like it as a trail sled but it would just be too much work.
that is what I meant. They shoudl produce a non race Pro X 440. With oil injection and work it a little to be more reliable.
That is what I meant by a Indy 440 type sled. A non-highperformance one throw it in the EDGE chassis and you have a great begginer/ light fun sled.

It's not how fast you go, but how much fun you are having.
I meant more of "high performance" 440 non-race sled. So pretty much exactly like a XC 500 Sp or 600 but with a 440. I mean not a low output 440 just one that is tweaked a little so you don't blow it up every couple trips.
What I meant by non-highperformance was that you don't have to run 110 octane and that you don't have to mess around with the clutching just to get it to run properly.

Sorry for not making myself clear before.

It's not how fast you go, but how much fun you are having.
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