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2003 Pro X 600

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Jsut talkin for a couple of hours today with my Polaris dealer. They're telling me that the new 600 X is gonna be one hard ride with the suspension. Guess it's a really stiff one because they're made for the Sno X . On the trail they're gonna be a tough ride. Thought I'd share that. Pray for snow
Anyone else hear anything about them yet?

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there are PRoX 600s right now but I ehard they had an M10. Don't know about next years.
this years pro x 600 had the edge in it
The pro x actually has the pro x suspension.

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the pro X 600 PMan? I know ppl been telling me that it had M10 and stuff like that. I know that sounded very wrong to me.
Yes the pro-x 600. Since the Pro-X is a racing sled, the M-10 doesn't even come near it. They wouldn't even think of dropping one in there. Although, I did think that the Pro-X's Rear Skid was an EDGE. Not quite sure on that one.

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I think it's just a lighter beefed up version of the edge suspension.They look very similar.

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yeah what steve said. It has been said around here taht someone rode a Pro X 600 with a M10 and it bucked them off or something. If you lift the hood the Pro X 600 has the strength bar in the front I guess due to the light parts.
I bet they meant that it was an EDGE X 600 with the M-10.That would make WAY more sense.

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yeah your right about that. THey were probably confused.
hey that was XC 700 man that said he rode a pro x 600 with the m-10 but i am not sure what it was it was a test sled from polaris so i think they just had a pro x 600 hood on it, This happened 2 years ago to.
well my dad rode an Edge test sled two years ago and it looked just like the 2001 model sleds except the bellypan was red as well as teh hood. He fell in love with Edges when he rode that thing.
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