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Hi Guys,

New to the forum and I've searched a few topics trying to find info on the problem I just started having.
I have a 2003 Rev MXZ 600HO that I bought has a hobby sled to to ditch bang and swamp ride.
I've done a a lot of work on the sled and it was running excellent this year till this happened...

Spent a day with friends doing some low speed trail riding, conditions were the on the trails, temps were warmer than normal. The sled ran great all morning but we had to stop a few times for all sleds to cool down a few times when we couldn't find loose snow to cool us down. We rode about 20-30kms and turned around and on the way back I noticed I was getting power loose at low RPM...almost like it was having a hard time getting fuel or air...sorta bogging. If I pinned the throttle it woke right up and took off but as soon as we coasted again at low RPM and slow speeds the same thing...bogging.

2 things I noticed after we got back
  • a little oil leaking from underneath the Y pipe
  • pulled plugs and they were wet and black

The plugs that were in it from the previous owner was the BR9ECS...picking up a couple sets of BR9ECS-5 plugs this weekend to try these and see if the problem goes away.
But that still leaves the small oil drip I saw in front of the carbs under the y pipe...would a cracked Y pipe give me the same issues at low RPM?

Any help or advice is appreciated. I can usually wrench on things if I get printed in the right direction.
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