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Up for sale is my 2005 IQr 440. This sled is trail converted except for oil injection. Extra wheels in the skid, skid relocation mod, case mod, 8.8 gallon tank and Pro-X needles in the carbs. Carbs are of off a 2007 IQr 440 since I chipped a slide in the old ones. Sled was completely torn down this last summer and gone through. A-arm mounts were reinforced and any cracks were welded. While the sled was stripped down I coated the tunnel and A-arms in a poly material, very similar to Rhino-lining. It is gray in color and looks great. The coating started to chip on my lower left A-arm at the end of this season but other than that the coating is holding up great. I painted the hood and side panels black last summer, then panels are holding up well, except for where they rub on other panels, and the hood is good except for a couple scratches from branches. The seat is stock but has been recovered and is completely black I have extras to go with the sled including a freestyle seat (also newly covered), extra front skid shock, a set of main seals for the 440 motor, and a pair of 05 carbs that have one slide chipped (throttle cable and choke cable as well). I did discover one thing wrong with the sled just as I was putting the new carbs on the other day. One of the carb boots needs to be replaced because it has a leak but it is an inexpensive and easy fix. Looking to get 3100 but I'm open to offers. Reason for selling is I have found another sled.

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