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2008-2010 800 CFI ECU Reflash
*** Notice: This Team Tip replaces S-10-01-03 ***
Revised ECU calibration files have been developed to resolve isolated reports of a mid-RPM (4,500-6000 RPM)
hesitation during throttle transients when operating a 2008-2010 800 CFI snowmobile at elevations less than
3,000 feet (914 meters).
The revised calibration revisions were field-tested by Polaris staff members, authorized dealers, and customers
throughout North America during the 2009/2010 winter riding season to ensure the changes resolved the concerns some
of our 2008-2010 800 CFI snowmobile customers were experiencing.
Please note that not all 800 CFI snowmobile customers will experience a mid-RPM hesitation when operating their
snowmobile. Authorized Polaris dealerships who have customers experiencing a mid-RPM (4,500-6000 RPM) hesitation
at elevations less than 3,000 feet (914 meters) when applying the throttle should reflash the ECU with revised calibration
files outlined below. The new calibration files are not intended to resolve low operating RPM issues. If you are
troubleshooting low operating RPM, please reference the CFI Engine Troubleshooting and Diagnostics Handbook located
The revised 800 CFI calibration files will be released in a Digital Wrench 3.2 update on April 8, 2010. Reference the
2007–2010 IQ Service Manual, PN 9922455 (pages 4.50-4.53), for instructions on how to download Digital Wrench
updates and how to reflash the ECU. After updating, Digital Wrench version should read: 3.2 04/05/10. The part
numbers for the three calibration files are:
? 4013134 - RED Fuel Injectors
? 4013135 - BLUE Fuel Injectors
? 4013136 - YELLOW Fuel Injectors
Always match the calibration file with the color of the fuel injectors installed on the engine. Remember to use a short
piece of insulated wire with a female receptacle on one end and a mail bullet connector on the other when making the
reflash enable jumper connection.
IMPORTANT: ECU reflashes must only be performed on stock snowmobiles. Polaris does not conduct
engine testing with after-market modifications or engine performance products other than the Pure
Polaris/SLP silencer, and VFORCE3 Reeds. If any after-market modifications or engine performance
products are installed on the snowmobile, Polaris requires removal of the unapproved
components/modifications and re-configuration of the snowmobile back to the stock configuration
before the Team Tip is completed. If the customer refuses re-configuration of the snowmobile back to
stock, the Team Tip should not be completed. The customer should be informed that unapproved
after-market modifications void warranty coverage. All unapproved modifications should be noted in
service records.
If the snowmobile is a 2008 or 2009, verify the engine update Service Bulletins (S-09-08 or S-09-09)
have been completed. Do not reflash any ECU on a vehicle that has not had the engine update kit
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