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I built this trailer 2 summers ago because I was sick of my 2 place. Did I need one quite this big? No....but if you're doing it you might as well go all out and a bit overboard!! I wanted it to hold at least 6 sleds, and be able to haul my jeep around in the summer. It does all of that with ease and can fit 8 sleds if you put them on sideways. It's 101" or so wide. Good plywood. The frame is fully boxed in so it's strong. 3" C-channel is dropped in between the rails at 16" oc. The ramps up front fold down and are really nice for keeping junk off of sleds and for unloading. There is a ramp at the rear that stores underneath. LED tail lights. Electric brakes.

$3000 I'd be interested in trading for a normal 4 place or an enclosed trailer (not a sled hauler.....a "normal" one)

The only pic I have is of it with my Jeep on it. The trailer has gone all over Wisconsin (towed by my 1500 too) without a problem. Tows really nice for the size. Reason for selling is I moved and have absolutely nowhere to store something this large anymore.

Located south of Madison about 20 minutes in Evansville.

715 five six three 2077


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