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Well my friend and i hit the trails this past weekend. We put on 310 miles. Some trails were good and covered with snow, some swamps had minimal snow and other areas were just ice. Hats off to the Tamarack and Cromwell clubs for running their groomers over the past week and packed down the snow that there was and cut off some of the bumps doing it. Now any snow we get will pack really well.
Flying through the tamarack stands at 50 was great fun even though there was not much snow.
The fun areas were where the snow had drifted across open areas and filled in ditches and dry creek beds. Found out that the Formula can go under the snow and come bursting out the other side.
Also found that when you put the ski-doo full throttle that it can really fly.

one of the better areas, don't want to bum you out and show the snowless areas



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