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I own 2 sleds a 1987 Indy 600 triple with 38mm carbs. A 1997 XLTSP with 34 mm carbs.

If I remember correclty doesn't the 1996 XCR 600 come with 38 MM carbs and a triple pipes?

Isn't the xcr the same engine as the XLT. Help a brother out. My 1987 600 will smoke my 1997 600. It really sucks.

So my questionis for you Polaris heads out there............

Can I put the 38 MM carbs from my 1987 onto my 1997? From what I can tell I'd have to swap out the airbox and boots on the cylinders, cables and chokes.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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yes the 96 XCR SP came wit 38 mm carbs and triple pipes. but that engine wasnt a mono block. the 96 XCR came with the xlt engine with 34 mm carbs. your old 87 600 also didnt have the mono block. it had 3 seperate jugs like the 96 XCR SP. yes you can probaly make the 38s fit with a little work. if you can get the boots to fit on the jug.

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I may be off here but I don't think so........If memory serves me correct, the 1997 Polaris XLT SP with the mono block engine and single pipe comes with the 38mm carbs stock from the factory. I know my 97 XLT SP has the 38mm carbs, I'm pretty sure thats whats speced in the Polaris manual as well.

Either your sled isn't an SP or someone put those 34's on themselves. As to why....I wouldn't have an f'in clue?

From Polarisman's site:

1997 Indy XLT SP


Dry Weight 505 Pounds

Height 48.5 Inches

Width 48 Inches

Ski Center 42.5 Inches

Fuel Capacity 10.7 Gallons

Engine 597 Liquid Cooled Triple

Intake Piston Port

Carbs 3-VM38SS

Lubrication Oil Injection

Exhaust Tuned Pipe

Track Width 15 x 121 x .82

Front Suspension Type IFS XTRA-12

Torsion Bar Standard

Front Shocks Fox Gas, Threaded Adj.

Front Suspension Type IFS XTRA-12

Front Suspension Travel 10 Inches

Rear Suspension Type XTRA-12

Rear Suspension Travel 11.6 Inches

Rear Shocks Fox Gas

Brake Type Hydraulic

Skis Steel

Headlight 60/55 Halogen

Reverse Optional

Electric Start Optional

Speedometer Standard 5"

Tachometer Standard 5"

Handwarmers Standard, Dual Range

Thumbwarmer Standard

Electric Fuel Optional

Electric Temp N/A

Hi Temp Standard / Standard

Carbide Standard EZ Steer

Skid Plate Optional

Mirrors Optional

Front Bumper Standard

Storage Rack Optional

Backrest Optional

EZThrottle Optional

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if your sled does have the 34, wich I think tfin is correct, and you put on the 38 you might notice a little more umph but you will lose some trail throttle response.

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Tfin's right. Plain XLT 34mm XLT Special 38mm carbs. I'm not an expert but I have that year and have become very familiar with it for reasons which I'll not go into here.
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