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4 stoke / engine temp ????

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The temperature gage of my new ARTIC CAT 4 stroke mark 220 F, vary near the RED ZONE (240F). I am wory, it seems at the max limit for long rides. Do others have the same lecture? My dealer says normal, but I still wrote to the company for advice. I would appreciate your technical advice or experience.
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What type of conditions are you riding in?

Temperature, type of snow (hard pack or loose), are you running the machine near WOT? Towing a sleigh behind? All these things can affect your engine temp.
My first 50 miles were 100% confort and nice. The weater was mild (minus 3 celcius). No icy conditions, snow on the trail, no hills. Speed under 40 mph. Two passagers.

Thank for your help
I have no idea what temp those sleds should run at but that does seem high. Have you tried calling any other dealers in your area to get an idea of what they normally run at?

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

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some cars run around there. Thermostat is probably around 210 or 220 so the engine stays nice and toasty aka won't be a beast to restart.
Normand, my father has purchased a 4 Stroke Touring and we were out 2 weeks ago in simular conditions and he was noticing the same thing with the engine temperature. I don't know if this is "normal" but you are not alone.
All I know is that my camaro never gets above 180

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

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it has a lower temp thermostat then intended. Cat prolyl put a high temp one in the 4 stroker so like I said in really cold conditions it would be an easier restart. Since they don't have the Dry sump setup. Sleds are designed to run in colder conditions than cars technically though cars are of course designed to run in lower temps. The lower temp thermostat can produce more Horsepower but cause the heater (in a car) to take longer to warm up. In a sled like that the higher temp thermostat probably outweighs the lower temp one as far as functionality compared to performance. My guess anyway.

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Thank for the comments, slowly the understanding is comming up for me. 3 others told me there machine was running hot "220F". A mecanic told me the termostat is a 192F. Sled_Dog explain the reason : better start . BUT IS THERE ANY DANGER FOR THE LONG DURABILITY OF THE ENGINE ? When garanty is over, will the engine still running for 10 years?

I don't see any issues with heat as long as cat designed the engines to take that kind of temp (which I'm sure they did). The only thing with those engines are you have to make sure you warm them up good before you take off.

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

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I received a short E-mail from the service/waranty department. It was not a vary technical answer , send me quikly to the dealer. The author tell me that the machine runs on the "HIGH SIDE" ???? and that the only danger if overheating is for the head gasket. It does not seems that the author has refere to the ARTIC CAT technicians my question "Is 220 F the wright running temperature?". Anyway my machine have now 200 miles and it was 100% fun and confort. I love my machine and want it to last 10 years. Thank for the advices to everybody.
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