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This is my sled a 1996 500 Snow King special. It needs piped. Probably Double piped it has a tired power. It climbs great though! And has awesome suspension! My old indy lite was good but this one is way better!

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Cool, you should come around here more often, it has been kinda dead lately bu winter should fix that. Ever since Polaris-Man's old forum died, I haven't seen may people from there.

good job on the picture

"Meaningless Ride"
Just thought I'd show everyone my 1973 Chaparral SS III.
1047 Miles!! Never Restored! Great Shape eh?
Just sold it and now im looking for a 1996-1997 Polaris Indy Lite Or Indy 500.
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Hey Jay, doesn't look like angelfire allows others to access the photos. Must be blocked to incoming traffic or something.


Lest we forget...... 09/11/01
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I got the same thing. It's was either snowing like he!! when you took the picture or you need some color accessories for your sled, it's too white.

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