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6' of New Snow!

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Went riding on saturday @ Turnagain Pass 6' of untouched powder, second truck in the parking lot.
First sleds out, man it was AWESOME!!
Ya I got stuck a lot, it was bottomless.
You could ride you sled like a jet ski lean it over hammer the throttle and carve a turn.
Deep snow made for nice soft landings off jumps too. There were guys there getting sick air.
Hopefully the rest of you guys will get a ride like this soon.
Keep doin your snow dance & Happy Holidays.

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That would kick ass. I wish we had that kind of snow around here. we have about 3-4 inches. Still gotta go pick up the sled from getting fixed.

Tree's don't make the greatest brakes...
I built a jump, still getting it right though, made the landing too close, over-jumping all the time. Makes for rough landings.

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I need to construct a jump....sounds like fun!

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