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600 RMK Ski Pressure

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Simple Question...600 RMK X-tra 10 rear suspension.
What do I tweak to get less ski pressure?


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Limiter strap. Legthen it for less ski pressure, tighten it for more pressure.
Hmm, maybe we can give the sno-faq we jsut started a try.

Look here:

That cool little link helped me with my problem. (Inside ski lifts when corning)
Thanks man!!!

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Behold the power of the FAQ!!! hehe

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That link helped a person already? SWEET! We need to get more info in there!

Is that page eventually going to be accessible from the forum gui? I can't seem to get to it any other way than your link erick.

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We haven't integrated it yet.

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Yeah, I want to get it more full before I open it up to the general public.

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