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680 Ultra Clutch mishap

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Hi guys, so basically today I was trying to pull the clutch off my 680 motor with a triple jaw puller (which now I realize wasn't the smartest idea) I ended up taking out a chunk out of the faceplate of the clutch. Now I know these clutches are balanced from the factory and the have the alignment x's on each piece. My question is could I just buy the faceplate from another p85 and slap it on there? Or would it be unbalanced. Also, I heard there were heavier duty clutches for some of the larger fuji engines, would this be one of those? And would the faceplates be different on those two versions of p85? Any info would be awesome. I'll be heading to my local salvage shop in the next few days to have them pull the clutch and see what they'll offer me for options. Thanks for looking!
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i would just buy a whole new one personally. you could buy the face but you would have to have a place check the balance of it. you can pick up used clutched pretty reasonable. in fact i have one sitting on my spare ultra crank. if your interested send me a pm. i can ship it no problem.
You can replace it from another P-85 clutch.
Yes, you can replace the cover plate, but as mentioned, it will need to be balanced.

Next time use a clutch puller, they are designed to remove clutches without damaging them or the crank.
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Okay that's what I was thinking guys thanks for the input. And stormy my local ski resort that i work at will be opening up within the week so once we get some snow and I can get some hours in I'll shoot you a pm. Normally I would have used the correct puller but I didn't have access to my friends and I was just being impatient and was trying to get the motor torn down in one night. Which now I just have a bare crank with a clutch still attached to on my bench lol
just let me know. they go for $100/$200 on ebay. personally i dont think they are really worth that much. $60 shipped. sounds fair to me.
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