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87Yam Phazer, Good? Bad?

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Looking at purchasing an 87 phazer, does anybody have any good bad comments?

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I personally don't like the pogo stick front suspension. Polaris had trailing arms the same year.

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How much?

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They are nice. My buddy rides one. Rear suspension kicks his back bad but it performs well. He just piped it and is considering shaving heads :). If he does that I am gonna try and find an extra set of them for him just to be safe.
Text[/font=Verdana]I have an '87, and they are very true, ultra-light, quick, and a blast to ride. If you have longer high speed runs, this may be a bit slow for you. The 485 fan is a tried and true motor, fuel efficient and quick. About the most bullet-pruf motor of it's day. But the sled has it's quirks too. Not much front end travel, about 4 useable inches is all, and I have tweaked the rear end with gas shocks and heavier springs to tolerate my 240 lbs. But it rides very well especially on smoother trails. When we hit the rough stuff, I get beat up more than everyone else on newer high travel sled. I have reeded, piped and jetted my '87, with a tighter main springs[/font=Arial Black], and the heads were slightly milled too, so the horsepower is up about 10 over stock, which is really needed for me. But overall they are a lot of fun and easy to maintain. Just make sure all the basics are in order before buying, and possibly have a mechanic check it first.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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