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88 enticer 340; Unsure whether to fix or sell

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Hi everyone! I am new to the site so this is my first post. I have an 88 (I Believe) yamaha enticer 340 long track and the crank seals let go in it the other day and it wont sustain enough vaccum to pull gas into the carb. unfortunate because the sled only has 2500 origonal miles and is fairly clean. I would like to sell it to someone that will fix the motor or swap it. I am capable of a motor rebuild but i have 3 other sleds that need work plus all the other projects lol. Anyways if anyone is looking for a good parts sled or donor sled this is a great base. 2 seasons ago I installed a new belt, new halogen headlight, and new break pads. Sled has been great to me, never any issues till now. Just want to sell it to a good home. Maybe part it out if the interest is here as the sled is really clean. Thanks!
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